About Us

Why Plant A Pizza?

You know, when it comes to goals in life and lifestyle philosophy, being a vegan is for me only a starting point. I think that each one of us wants to mean something for our planet, but not everyone wants to take the risks or feels the need or a big motivation for making the world a better place. I think that each step into the right direction is a giant step.

A pizza is something simple, humble, like a good example of the saying “Less is more”… I’m

not saying that we will change the world with our pizzas, far from that, but if we can contribute in a way, we will certainly do it.

So how do we contribute?
What do we do?

We use fresh ingredients, primarily locally sourced, organic, from top quality. Even if pizzas are considered “junk food”, our ingredients selection helps to invert the tendency and provide you only the best.
Not only our ingredients selection is important for us, but also the way we use them.
For example, our dough is slowly fermented -for at least 36 hours, this important process helps you to digest the pizza easier.

We work with local farmers and businesses to reduce our carbon footprint and to empower each other. And we do our best to serve you only top quality food, making your mood a better tool, one pizza at a time. We are planting pizzas like we would plant seeds of positivity into your soul.

Fast but good food into your mood, or better said:
Fast good for your mood.

That’s what Plant A Pizza is about.


I must say that when I became vegan, I really started to miss the great pizzas I used to eat as a kid in my hometown pizzeria (Brussels). So I wanted to recreate this in a plant based version. I started learning (and I’m still learning) the art of making Neapolitan pizza dough (because I personally find that this particular type of pizza is one of the best in the world), with the right fermentation process, the right techniques, the right ingredients, to honor the centuries of Italian knowledge and passion behind this humble product , and after a few years without working in a professional kitchen anymore, I fell in love again with cooking. I wanted to start again.

I jumped into it, started to do my research, but one critical ingredient was missing: the fresh mozzarella, THE essential element of a good pizza. Since I want to let animals do their thing while I do mine and because I couldn’t find any good one on the market, I needed to create my own mozzarella recipe, and that’s when I thought about Pieter Jan Lint, a chef that allies purity, complexity and simplicity at he same time in his tasteful plant based creations. He created for us the perfect vegan mozzarella for our pizzas.